How do I book for this year's Festival?

The online booking system will be open very soon

Can I book and pay using a Credit/Debit card?

Yes, yes you can.

Why can't I pay by cash or by cheque?

Unfortunately we've had large groups in the past, book before the deadline but not pay until a week before the event, or worse still, 6 weeks after the event as they paid with a cheque when they arrived at the Festival but the cheque couldn't be banked yet. We've also had groups book, choose to pay by cheque but then not pay or turn up, we plan the activities, cafe food and bar stock on these figures.

Can I use the online system to book for more than 1 person?

Yes, There is no limit on the amount of people you can book for, The online system has been developed to allow people to book for 1 person or multiple bookings.

I'm having trouble using the online booking system, Who do I need to contact for help?

We have had a couple of people report problems when trying to book, But these seem to be an isolated problem's as lots of people are able to use the system without any problems. If you are experiencing any problems, Please fill in the contact us form on this website and we'll try and get the problem rectified.

I have booked using the online system, How will I know my booking has gone through?

You will receive an automated e-mail confirmation from us with your personal booking reference, You will also receive an e-mail from Paypal confirming your payment has gone through.

I've booked a place to attend this years Festival but now can't attend, can I have a refund?

Unfortunately we have taken the decision not to offer refunds, you can however sell your ticket to someone else but you must advise us of the new persons details.

Do I have to be a member of the Scout Association?

You either have to be a member of the Scout Association or Senior Section Girl Guiding.
Either as an 18 - 25 year old member of Scout Network, A member of SSAGO, Active support or a Ranger.

I am a new member of Scout network/Guiding or a leader, I have paid my capitation but have not received my membership number yet, What do i do?

Ideally everybody should enter there number, This proves to us that you are fully paid up members and are also insured by the Scout/Guide association. If you haven't yet received your number, Please enter all your details as normal but when asked for your membership number, type "00000000", This will allow you to book for this years festival and continue onto the payment page, However we will require your number before the event. Depending on what your role in Scouts or Guides is, Here are a few suggestions of people who may be able to help :- Network Administrator, Network Commissioner, District / County Secretary, Or the Scout Association or Guide Association head offices.

I won't be 18+ on the weekend of the Festival, Can I still attend?

Unfortunately no. There's always next year.

I will be over 25 on the weekend of the Festival, can i still attend?

We do not have an upper age limit, all we say is that if you are young at heart, can keep up with the pace and don't require a zimmer frame to get around, then you are more than welcome.
Why should you stop having fun, just because you're too old for network.

Why can't I bring my kids to the Festival?

We have in the past allowed this, however we reassessed the implications of having children on site for a supposed over 18's event and decided to address this issue, we don't check anybody's CRB when attending the Festival because everybody is over 18 and the paperwork we would have to do for kids to attend is enormous.

What do get with the catered option?

The menu will be available very soon, you will get an evening meal on Friday night, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on the Saturday, Breakfast and Lunch on the Sunday. There will also be unlimited Tea, Coffee and squash during the day.

What information do you require for the catered option?

When selecting the catered option on the online booking system, You will be asked whether you are vegetarian, whether you have any food allergies and whether you have any other dietary requirements. It is very important that this information is entered correctly as it can not be rectified after.

Do I need to complete a Medical Form?

Yes, everybody attending the Festival must complete and hand a medical form in when booking in. You will have received a copy of the medical form with your confirmation e-mail but you can also download it here.
It is imperative that the medical form is completed correctly, We have had instances in the past were people weren't 100% honest and we required an Ambulance to attend site, Had the correct information been given, The onsite medical team would have been able to deal with the injury quickly (This is for your own safety)

Is there a Bar?

There is a licensed bar on-site. Details of our alcohol policy are included in the rules. If you have any concerns/questions, please fill in the contact us form.

Can we only drink alcohol purchased from the bar or can we bring our own?

You can only drink alcohol purchased from the bar in the marquee; this is where the evening entertainment will take place. However you are more than welcome to drink your own alcohol on the field and around the camp fire circle. (you may not be able to take part in some of the daytime activities if the Festival staff suspect you have been drinking)

What's the theme for the party on Saturday night?

This year's theme is The Greatest Festival!

When can we check in?

The booking-in tent will open at 4pm on Friday, for people to register, however campers are welcome to arrive at anytime on the Friday.

How many people are coming?

We are aiming for 500+ people, the more the merrier.

Why have you dropped "Pubscouts" from the name?

We decided that the event was strong enough to continue without the catchy name + we can now advertise the Festival in the Scouting magazine and on the Scout websites.

Can I bring my own Air Rifle?

No, these are not our rules, these are the standard rules at the campsite.

Can i bring my pet?

No, This is the campsite rules.
Dogs have previously been allowed however the campsite management team have insisted that no Dogs are to be brought onto site.

I will be travelling by Plane/Train, is there any possibility of blagging a lift to and from the campsite?

As long as you contact us beforehand, with details of numbers and the amount of equipment, we should be able to pick people up from Tile Hill train station, which is only 1 mile from the campsite.
This is on the main line from Birmingham to Coventry